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Whether you’re building an office fit out, retail space, hotel, or a warehouse, choosing the right commercial builders is one crucial decision you have to make at the start of your project.

At Camillo, we’re proud to be one of the most trusted commercial construction companies in Melbourne, backed by 70 years of experience under our tool belts. We know a building project like the back of our hand, delivering projects on time, within budget, and always meeting the unique needs of your business.

As the small commercial builders Melbourne‘s city and suburbs has witnessed – constructing exceptional bespoke builds – we’re known to go above and beyond to forge strong client relationships and achieve greatness together.

What makes us different from other small home builders in Melbourne?

As one of the most recognised and sought after construction companies in Victoria, Camillo clients trust our experience and commitment to excellence in every build. Successful projects aside, the way we stand out is through our services: always with a personal touch. This means bringing our real selves to work, being up for sharing a coffee and a chat, and promising to always take your call (and standing by our words).


We have strategically established key procurement channels that are consolidated under our own roof. From concrete to the tower crane, the builders’ lifts, and our fleet of 100+ transport vehicles – our streamlined process means you can simply sit back and enjoy the journey, knowing we’ve got our processes down to an art form.


We don’t compromise on team structure, subcontractor choice, or systems – because we know these are the things that can make or break a project. We’ve established long standing relationships with Australia’s best architects, designers, planners, and engineers, who meticulously attend to all the finer details in their areas of expertise.


Our flat structure hierarchy means that management is highly involved in each project. You’ll see them on the ground, available to listen to your concerns, and making decisions quickly and with precision – so that the ball can keep on rolling. This means problems are solved, setbacks are smoothed out, and goals are being kicked.

Commercial construction specialists in Victoria

Known for being one of the most experienced specialist commercial builders in Melbourne, Camillo works on commercial projects throughout Victoria, servicing all inner city, suburban and metropolitan areas across the state. Learn more about some of our biggest commercial projects to date.

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