Feature Focus: Feehan Row Townhouses, Mooney Valley Racecourse

Feature Focus On:

Feehan Row Townhouses


Thomas Street
Mooney Valley Park
Mooney Ponds

Dream Team:

Architecture: Rothelowman Architecture
Interior Design: Mim Design
Landscape: Tract
Build: Camillo

Setting the Scene:

The Mooney Valley Racecourse Redevelopment began in 2017, and is programmed to run through into the early 2030’s. Over the next 15 years, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will deliver a world-class racing facility supported by urban-designed residential, retail, commercial, and lifestyle zones that span across 98 acres.

Creating for Community:

The Feehan Row Townhouses have drawn people across very different lifestyles – from young families to downsizers – to experience a new way of living. The sustainable and contemporary precinct is home to exciting new social and recreational facilities designed for community enjoyment. The amenity that is being built in and around the new townhouses is set to be the development’s best feature, with plans for parks and playgrounds, dining venues, and community and event spaces. The ways the multiple stages are being integrated with one another will provide the community with a development that is sustainable in its impact on the surrounding area, from efficiencies in its commuting roads, to its lush landscaping.

The Cheers

We’re particularly proud of the fact that the solar panels and EV charges – which were upgrades that were offered to Feehan Row purchasers as a sustainable home initiative – were taken up by purchasers and incorporated into their respective townhouses.

Also worth noting is Feehan Row’s beautiful external façade and soft landscaping. The cladding systems implemented over various vertical elements allowed for a very open feel, working harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

Lastly, the multiple setbacks soften the lofty height of each 3-storey townhouse, allowing abundant natural light to beam through into both common and private spaces.

The Challenges

This was another project that faced Covid-specific setbacks. Not only was there an impact on building materials and availability of resources, but also a shift in the demand for the types of property that were being purchased. We acknowledge the strategic thinking and agility of our team, partners, and collaborators in response to these challenges. From the original 72 townhouses, the project was split into two separable portions and redesigned to include a total of 80 townhouses to cater for the changes within the property market at the time.

The Outcome

We have constructed four level townhouses including a single level basement, in a much-loved area of Melbourne that is just 7km out from the CBD. Feehan Row is an extremely unique type of property, built to a premium quality, in a prime location. The completion of the first stage of the Mooney Valley Racecourse redevelopment project has set a precedent for the future stages. The team at Camillo, along with all collaborators, consultants, and clients that we have worked alongside over the last 4 years to deliver Feehan Row, are excited to present this history-defining project.

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